Sunday, March 7, 2010

May I introduce you to...

My better half. The yin to my yang. My killer of spiders. My chocolate acquirer. My personal comedian.

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff.

Meet my hubby,  Mr. Converse. Why you ask? Well like his other half, Shoe Gal, Mr. Converse enjoys a good shoe, well... a good pair of Converse. But who doesn't?

 Mr. Converse sportin' his American Flag Converse shoes

Some fun tidbits about Mr. Converse...

He regularly gets recognized on the street - for who, we haven't figured out yet. But people seem to think he is that actor in that thing they can't remember the name of. But he isn't. He hasn't acted a day in his life. In fact, Adrien Grenier and Chloe Sevigny swear they know him. But they don't. He just has one of those faces.

He is an exceptionally talented artist - a filmmaker by trade, he puts pen, pencil, paintbrush to paper and creates awesomeness. He is incredibly modest, so I have to toot his horn for him. I'll share some of his work soon,  I promise.

I know he'll make a lot of guest appearances in High Heel Hijinks in the future so I figured proper introductions were in order.

Mr. Converse meet blog world. Blog world, meet Mr. Converse. 

Hope you had a shoetastic weekend!

Shoe Gal

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