Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My adventure across the bridge...

I am a big city livin' gal in case you didn't know and today I did something for the first time. Something I haven't done in the five plus years I have inhabited my great metropolis.

I crossed the bridge.

I know most of you are thinking, "Shoe Gal, big stinkin' deal, I cross bridges all the time!"

True, but in the city I live in, we tend to stick to our borough and don't venture too often across the many bridges that connect the city to the other world. What can I say, we're borough snobs.

But I was feeling adventurous today so I told Mr. Converse to strap on, well, his converse and hightail it with me over the bridge to explore.

And we did.

We started out having a lovely brunch at a restaurant on the water.

Check out the nifty fifty placemat

The food was yumlicious.

I had the most light and fluffy banana walnut pancakes my mouth ever had the pleasure of meeting. I could have taken a nap on them.

Now all together, "hmmmmmmm"

Mr. Converse had his usual, Eggs Benedict. I caught him practically licking the plate afterwards though. I can't take him anywhere!


After brunch, we headed out to look at the water and wave to our city across the pond before continuing our across the bridge adventure. 


We then decided to throw caution to the wind and just explore not paying attention to what direction we were headed in. We came across the most scrumptious candy store.  My head was telling me to go in, my hips not so much. Needless to say,  my head won. I mean, come on, there was chocolate involved and a gal knows never to say no to chocolate, right? 

 The ceiling was decorated in huge lollipops a la Willy Wonka's Factory

There was a huge dog made out of candy. I may have seriously considered taking a nibble at which point I am sure I would have been asked to never frequent this particular store of candy again. Thankfully, I got distracted thinking how many sour peach rings I could fit in my mouth before Mr. Converse left me across the bridge forever. I would say at least 20. I have a large yapper.

And then there was this.

Doesn't that just make you all tingly inside? No? Just me I guess.

Love and Shoes,

Shoe Gal

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  1. I looove all of the little puppies. Not just you ;)