Friday, April 23, 2010

Where in the blog did I go...

Nowhere really.

I've come down with a nasty case of...blogger's block and am currently looking for a cure. Any doctors in the house?

I like to self diagnose if I can so I took to the trusty world wide web and literally searched for "blogger's block symptoms." Turns out I'm not alone. We are a large group of sickies all suffering in the name of the written (or in this case typed) word. Some call it "blogstipation" but I am a gal and gals don't get blogstipated, right?

 My symptoms started about three weeks ago. My fingers become listless, my head became clouded and overrun with visions of grocery lists, piling laundry, dirty bathrooms and house guests. I'll suddenly think, "Oh I'll tell them about that funny time I" and then nothin'. I sit to type it out and instead start searching for a great enchilada recipe (anyone have one, while I'm thinking of it?).

You'll be happy to know that now that I have been diagnosed, I am seeking professional help. Through a strict regimen of intense therapy and heavy drinking, I am expected to make a full recovery. Whew! Hope I didn't have you too worried there!

Wait, hold the phone, I just wrote a blog post, maybe I'm cured! Next time, I'll tell you about that time that I.......................oh, wait, I forgot.

Hope you have a kickin' weekend,

Shoe Gal


  1. I figured you weren't blogging this week in mourning of your cancelled (postponed?) London & Paris trip!

  2. we understand... it's probably the depression from not being able to go on your trip to Paris :( I'm still sad for you!

    Andd, I have a good enchilada recipe that my aunt gave to me a few years ago. We make it with mushrooms, but I'll give you the original chicken recipe.

    Cook diced up chicken, divide it into 6 wraps with some shredded cheese. Roll up wraps and place in baking dish.

    Mix together a can of cream of Chicken soup, a thing of plain fat free yogurt, and a small can of green chilies.

    Pour sauce over the wraps, sprinkle cheese on top of each (optional, depending on how much fat you want to add! We also often add crushed red peppers, jalapenos, black olives, whatever we have laying around)

    Cook in oven 30 min at some regular oven temp (350? 375? Just look for melted cheese on top!)

  3. I thought about where you wandered off too. I though maybe THE volcano had rendered you too mad to write! But since I disappear all the time, in the end I didn't think too much of it :)

  4. You're so not alone. I've been struggling too - overwhelmed by all the stuff and schedules and laundry - can't seem to finish a complete thought much less a complete sentence.

  5. I'm sure you will get back in the groove soon! Blame it on the volcano.